Ghostwire: Tokyo Review

Ghostwire: Tokyo was one of the most interesting titles I’ve played all year. The story begins rather plainly, with protagonist Akito riding his motorcycle through Shibuya traffic in order to see his sister in the hospital (I didn’t think it could start off any more tragic either). As this is happening, a spirit is flying […]

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Prey (2017) Review

Prey is one of those titles that has undergone several different changes in its history. For starters, when the game initially came out back in 2006, it was a hit for completely different reasons. The story followed native American descendant named Tommy and his grandfather and girlfriend who are abducted by aliens. The ship, only […]

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Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds Review

Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds is the newest mobile installment to the Ni No Kuni franchise that focuses on a gacha system very similar to that of Genshin Impact. It is a mobile game that also has cross-play features with a beta version of the same game available on PC. When you start up the […]

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