Clean And Rescue in Monster Mop Up’s Demo Review

Image via Monster Mop Up Steam Page

It’s finally here! Terahard Studios’ latest game, Monster Mop Up, was announced in June to be available to wishlist on Steam without much more information. Now, a demo is being released to show off what the team has been working so hard on; and we got a hands on look!

In this demo, you are tasked with cleaning the gothic mansion of an elderly couple who happens to be away on vacation. In their home, a Ragamuffin known as Adorabite has broken into the home and completely ransacked it, painting the walls orange with his barf and poop.

As part of the Ministry of Monster Concealment, it is your job not only to remove Adorabite, but clean the home to avoid anyone knowing that anything has happened at all.

The gameplay was incredibly fun and relaxing, with rhythmic music playing in the background to help make the job a bit more stress free. The home itself was also very interesting, with bits of story hidden in the furniture (clearly, this couple has some fun in the bedroom) and in the portraits that can be found within the hallways. It was also a great size for the demo itself, with about an hour or so of gameplay if you’re rushing and even more if you really want to be thorough with your cleaning.

You’re also able to pick up items and move them around in order to organize and make sure that all of the paint has been taken care of. This goes for the Ragamuffin’s poops as well, which can be seen throughout the house and will smear more paint if they’re mishandled. Fortunately, there are a few places you can store the poop to ensure that you are able to clean without issue.

In my playthrough, I cleaned up the entire house but was still awarded an F at the very end with a completion score of 0%. I am unsure of how that happened, but I did rescue the Ragamuffin prior to cleaning, so that could have been the issue.

Regardless, the demo set the expectation for the full game and has made me more excited than for the final game. I can only hope that there will be another demo with more Ragamuffins sometime in the future before the official release!

If you haven’t already, check out our blog post about the game and remember to visit the Steam page and wishlist Monster Mop Up!

What are your thoughts?