Prepare Your Bow In Imprecision

Prepare Your Bow In Imprecision
Image via Imprecision Steam Page

Imprecision is an early access title on Steam being developed by MM’s Gaming Co. It follows the story of the lone archer, Örvar who is training to eviscerate The Black Knights of Bjørn and their kingdom using only his bow. It holds an interesting block art style that almost veils the game as one that is much easier than it actually is. After the opening sequence, you are immediately tasked with fighting the fight Black Knight of Bjørn. In my personal experience, I didn’t realize just how out of practice I would be at a game that requires skill (or rather, precision); though I’m also willing to admit that I could also just be very terrible at the game.

There is also another mode called Precision Mode that gives you 50 levels of target shooting. The goal is to be as precise as possible in order to gain enough points to earn between one and three stars. Each level tests your skill and really invites you to start over and try to get the best score.

Who is MM’s Gaming Co?

Imprecision is the fourth game by solo developer MM’s Gaming Co. who are also behind the games Paddle Balls, Magnet Destroyer, and ZombCube. Of these four, this is the first title that lets you switch between a first-person and a third-person view depending on your play preference. Their website also hosts a variety of free games that you can play directly on your browser, similar to popular sites like Coolmath Games. These games cover a variety of different genres like shooting, racing, and more to ensure that you have countless different ways to game while you browse.

The website also gives you access to customize it as you please by purchasing upgrades in their store. The upgrades include colored backgrounds and custom cursors to really personalize your experience. Best of all, you can choose to upload you own games to the platform for others to play! Just reach out and see what sort of information you will need!

The game is still very much a work in progress, but you are still able to pick it up in early access on Steam! With you feedback, you can help shape the game to become the best possible version of itself! Especially considering that the available story includes the first two levels! You can also join the Discord for MM’s Gaming Community to speak with other likeminded gamers.

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