Take A Bite Out of Makis Adventure – Review

Makis Adventure Cover
Image via Zoroarts

Developed by solo developer Zoroarts, Makis Adventure is a 2D/3D metroidvania where you take on the role of Maki, a descendant of ancient sharks. Alongside his brother Temu, he must find all three missing shark teeth and utilize the power of the ancient sharks to defeat the evil Octavio. There are a total of four islands, with three of them being dungeons, for you to explore and travel to in this cozy and exciting adventure.

Great Gameplay and Exciting Adventure!

When I say that the game is 2D/3D, you’ll be playing in a 2D, side-scrolling gameplay style as you travel through the dungeons which then changes to a 3D overworld as you travel from island to island. It’s a great change of visuals and developer Zoroarts even added an option to remove the pixelization of the overworld if it suits you better visually. Personally, I turned the pixelization off because I felt that I couldn’t tell how far away certain areas were otherwise.

When you reach the different islands, you are met with several different new puzzles and obstacles that you will need to learn how to maneuver around. This makes each dungeon more exciting than the last as well as gives you more opportunities to think about how to defeat a boss or if you have everything you need to move forward. Considering this, there are absolutely no walls for the player, giving you complete freedom as to which dungeons you do first and how they are completed. For example, I muscled my way through just about every boss and only cared about having enough money to buy Strength potions and fishing for as many fish as I could store!

So Many Minigames!

As you travel between islands, you are able to enjoy SEVERAL minigames that don’t have anything to do with the story, but are an absolute blast to play. You are also able to complete side quests for the different islanders in order to obtain rewards and money to purchase other things (like, maybe new hats for your dog).

The sheer number of these games made finding them feel like I was finding a rare animal. I absolutely loved being able to take a few moments away from the adventure to play billiards, darts, or anything else really. Even though I completed the game, I still feel as though there are several minigames that I missed; I know that there were definitely a few that I didn’t realize were available until the second or third time that I walked through the area. Of all the available games, the one I found myself most glued to was the drink mixing game on Harbonia, (thank GOD Krabu can’t hold the glasses himself).

Is There More For The Sharks?

Although the story itself as well as the gameplay and characters are finished, I can’t help feeling as though it is sill a bit incomplete. The title screen shows that there are still two available game modes coming out as well as more general content, bug fixes, and updates from Zoroarts himself in respect to the game. Hopefully, we will see the most definitive version of this game soon because personally, I would absolutely love a mode that explains what Temu was doing in between meetings with Maki!

You can pick up Makis Adventure right now on Steam! You can also follow Zoroarts on Twitter to follow his development on the game!


This game key was given to Frowns Marketing for the purpose of this review.

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