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We are an independent marketing consultant and PR agency for independent video game, tabletop, and board game creators. Frowns Marketing is run and operated solely by Queen of Frowns and we believe that every developer deserves to have a solid marketing plan.

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Their debut visual novel, The Intermine Legacy: I Am The Darkness, is a dark fantasy visual novel set within an underground cryogenics facility called Intermine Laboratories. At one time a beacon of hope for humanity’s survival, its foundations have given way to decay, allowing nature to reclaim what belongs to her.

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The Gods Need Food Too - Viking Chef: Feast Frenzy

Devlex Online’s debut title, Viking Chef: Feast Frenzy, is a captivating 3D cooking adventure set in the heart of the old North. Assume the role of a Viking Chef and dive headfirst into the culinary chaos of a bustling Norse kitchen. Your mission? To serve the gods a feast of legendary proportions.

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The Indieverse is an online community of indie game developers and content creators. As their social media coordinator, I take charge of creating content for social media and engaging with followers and other creators.